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XXV CIPA Symposium

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                            Maurice Carbonnell - Founder of CIPA and Honorary President passed away


                                                            In memoriam [by Antonio Almagro]


It is with great dismay I learned of the death of Maurice Carbonnell. I met the founder and true soul of CIPA in its earliest stages, at ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) in Rome, where he taught photogrammetry at the Architectural Restoration Courses for many years alongside Hans Foramitti, another founder of CIPA, whom we lost many years ago.

Maurice Carbonnell, for me, was the father and promoter of my profession and demonstrated dedication to the application of new techniques to document cultural heritage. It was through his invitation that I joined the executive committee of CIPA after attending several international meetings he organized and inspired. In those days he was, in a very direct way, the person who sought out other professionals and institutions to foster cooperation and finance the meetings and activities of the Committee. It was through his hard work and the establishment of many international contacts that permitted CIPA to become the prestigious organization it is today.

His participation, as Head of Mission of the Institut Géographique National de France, in the campaigns to save the monuments of Nubia, among other major projects, enabled him to apply photogrammetry to heritage documentation and give it visibility which hitherto did not exist. These campaigns gave him an international prestige and contacts that were the base from which CIPA was born as one of the earliest and most active scientific committees of the then newly created ICOMOS. His relationship with ISPRS led him to link CIPA to this other important international organization as a means of ensuring the continuous infusion of the latest technology. 

His tireless enthusiasm for the documentation and protection of cultural heritage along with his always friendly, communicative and open spirit of collaboration made CIPA a vigorous organization of great cordiality.

After many years of fruitful professional activity he retired long ago for a discreet, humble private life. This, combined with his longevity, has obscured his memory during recent years. But those who knew him as a teacher, colleague and friend will always remember him and we all owe Maurice Carbonnell an unpayable debt of gratitude and recognition.




CIPA Heritage Documentation movie allows audience to realize the aims, mission and activities of this International Scientific Committee of ICOMOS/ISPRS for the Documentation of Cultural Heritage. This movie displays some interesting scientific activities carried out by CIPA members when documenting cultural heritage by means of photogrammetric, laser scanning and thermo-graphic surveys.












The ICOMOS Scientific Committee, CIPA Heritage Documentation, is proud to present this first in a
series of publications presenting state-of-the-art research and applications in the discipline of Cultural
Heritage documentation.
The intention of this publication is to record and archive the progress in documentation techniques
and products during the two-year cycle of the CIPA symposia. 




"Geospatial Technology for Cultural Heritage" is the title of the CIPA Special Session organized during the ISPRS2016 Congress which will be held in Prague. 


The next CIPA Symposium will be held in Ottawa (Canada) on 28th Aug. - 1st Sept. 2017


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