The International Polar Heritage Committee

The International Polar Heritage Committee (IPHC) is an international scientific committee within ICOMOS the International Council on Monuments and Sites /Conseil International des Monuments et des Sites. The IPHC was founded 1 November 2000 and focuses on the preservation and protection of polar (Arctic and Antarctic) heritage. It is a non-political organisation made up of members of ICOMOS from countries with active polar interests. Individual members also have their own wider networks of experts who become an additional resource for others involved in polar heritage protection. The committee does not work directly with indigenous heritage but where appropriate it cooperates closely with groups that do.

ICOMOS is a non-governmental organisation of professional cultural heritage workers, which serves as an advisory body to UNESCO on matters related to world heritage. It was founded in 1965, and now has national committees in more than 100 countries. In addition to national committees ICOMOS has many specialist international scientific committees. ICOMOS works to protect and conserve cultural heritage throughout the world.